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I’ve never had a theme Christmas tree. It’s not to say that I don’t like or appreciate them, but the trees that my parents had tended to be a hodge-podge of random ornaments, and that nostalgia has hung close. Their trees can’t even hold all of the accumulated ornaments anymore – some are handmade, some are cheap-but-cute finds, and others represent travels and memories. I like ornate, out of the ordinary ornaments (ie. not just a bunch of red and green glass balls), and I try to buy a new one anytime I travel somewhere on vacation. Since I haven’t surrendered into buying bulk sets of all white, red, green, blue ornaments to take up space on my trees, my trees have been sparse for the last few years (lends to a smaller, more creative “tree” like I wrote about here, and like the one I decorated this year). Nonetheless, my collection is growing, and I’m appreciative and love the ones that I do have.

So, it’s not my priority to stock up on new ornaments, but I do try and find a few new ones every year. Here’s a peek at a few that I bought/received this year!

A glass ornament that mom bought me last year for Christmas (her tradition is to buy me a new one every year).

Glass snowman ornament, a gift from mom.

This shell ornament was bought in San Francisco. I coveted some glass trolley ornaments at a Pier 39 shop, but this one was sturdy enough to make it back in a tight suitcase.

Seashell covered ornament from a little tourist shop on Pier 39 in San Fran.

A friend of mine knits amazing monster toys (in addition to throwing original pottery and painting). This year, she created mini-monster heads to serve as tree ornaments, so I scooped one up. You can browse her art, blog, and store at erinmakesstuff.com.

Monster Ornament by erinmakesstuff.com

A summer garage sale find, this cute gingerbread house just had to come home with me.

Little clay gingerbread house found at a garage sale.

This copper star ornament was on clearance at Kohl’s, actually. I liked the simplicity of it. Since I don’t have a tree-topper for my tree (I’ve made them out of paper in previous years), I promoted this little guy to the top position.

Joined stars ornament - I stuck this one on the top of the faux-tree this year.

This year, I was lucky/happy to stumble upon a little Pottery Barn-esque tree with a burlap-wrapped base. It’s fake, and smaller than I believe a Christmas tree should be, but it will definitely work for now. Cody helped me decorate and then promptly fell asleep.

Cody, tired after decorating the Christmas tree.

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