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I had zippy intention of making any immediate changes to my master bedroom after finally getting up the courage to do the “big reveal” you saw here just 2 days ago. But, how often can a decor junkie find a king size duvet marked down from ~$268 to $70? In Anthropologie? Right, almost never. This Fragmented Flowers design caught my eye; the grays and blues intertwined in the design, which made me think it might be a good compliment to the colors of my walls and carpet (a close but not exact color match). It even brought in some dark purples that I already have as an accent color in the room. The photo here actually shows the colors much, much lighter than they are on the fabric, but you get the idea.

Fragmented Flowers Duvet Cover. Image via Anthropologie.com.

My hesitation? Flowers. Antique, dare-I-say-it, old lady flowers. But I bought it anyways to see it in my room, in person. I never can be totally sure about printed fabrics like this until I can spread it all the way out, which is hard in the store.

And not to be ignored, it was a helluva deal. I had a gift card on hand that brought my total down to a very reasonable $35. Do the math. That’s 87% off.

But when I brought it home and laid it out?

Anthropologie Fragmented Flowers Duvet. Blues are wonderful. Grays are wonderful. Purples go so nicely too. (And pardon the flash and the overall photo quality, I only get adequate daylight for photos on the weekends because of the whole 9-5 gig so I did the best I could on a Wednesday night.)

But. The flowers. I can’t get over the style of the flowers. My house isn’t a cottage. Maybe that’s the issue.

I’m sorry to say that the duvet’s already packed up and ready to be returned. But it’ll find a good home, I’m sure. And for anyone who was checking out the product reviews on Anthropologie.com, it doesn’t look or feel like Target quality. It’s actually really nice, with beautiful stitching along the edges.

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