Swimmin’ With The Fishes

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Fish’s Eddy.

If you’re ever in NYC, add this shop to the top of your excursion list. If you love the online shop, you’re probably going to need to buy another suitcase for all of the goodies that’ll come home with you. That’s not meant to be a deterrent, you’re just going to be that blown away by their products in person. Seriously.

I didn’t see this collection of exclusive Fish’s Eddy flatware when I was there, and with that said I don’t actually have any idea when the set was released, but I want it. All of it.

Fish's Eddy. Fork.

I melt for fish flatware. The whole set has me seriously considering whether or not I’m insane to want a whole second set of flatware. A girl and her man only need so many spoons. But oh, the spoons.

Fish's Eddy. Spoon.

Oy vey, there are fins. See the fins? Fins. On my must-have flatware.

A full set of 8 will only set you back $158, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t bad for stainless steel with fins and a tail that will serve you (and undoubtly your children, nieces, and nephews) very, very well. That calculation I whipped up included both sizes of forks and spoons, but not the dessert spoon.

The Charley Harper collection of dinnerware had me click-click as well. Not sure where my new-found love of the aquatic came from, but I’m feelin’ it. If you remember from a few months back, I confessed to being a collector of mix-and-match dinnerware, so these fit right in.

Fish's Eddy bowl by Charley Harper.

This plate caught my eye too. I can only imagine that the colors are amazing and vivid in person.

Charley Harper Plate at Fish's Eddy.

Go see collection to swoon more. And sorry in advance if it’s your payday. Cha-ching!

All images were provided by Fish’s Eddy. And no one over there perked or persuaded me to write about their products, I’m just a long time fan with a new found adoration for the aquatic life.

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