Another List, This Time IKEA-Lovin’

December 09, 2011   //  Posted in: Helping The Economy   //  By: Emily   //  10 responses

Our latest IKEA day trip was a spur-of-the-moment trek to pick up the new kitchen pendant light (read about its installation here). Besides buying that fixture (for $30) and picking up a few Christmas gifts for the IKEA-maniacs in my life, I picked up a few additional items to accent our abode.

Keeping it cool.

(Side note: Couldn’t find a picture of me with a thumbs-up, bouncing around. That would’ve been more accurate. That background shot was taken from here, btw.)

1. The cutest $1 alarm clock I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Mostly to be used for the clock functionality, it’s mod white frame and clean typeface are looking plenty spiff on the bedside table alongside the West Elm Peacock and a tiny silk print (although there’s quite a bit of glare and reflection in that second photo).

Mod clock, $1. Mod clock, $1.

2. Shower Curtain Happies.

Merchandisers: These should be as easy-to-find as lint traps in the supermarket checkout line. For some reason, I have a hard time locating affordable plastic curtain liners that aren’t tinted or designed with etched waves and stripes for less than $8. If I had an IKEA more close-by, I’d probably swap out the good ol’ NACKTEN every time I scrubbed down the shower. What, clean freak? They were only $1.49 each.

Shower curtains. $1.49.

3. Give me magazine organization or give me death.

Exaggeration. But it did become abundantly clear that I’ve hoarded my body weight in magazines when I re-organized the bookshelves. Old Domino, Dwell, Cottage Living, and BHG issues had been lying flat to take up minimal space, but with these new (sale-IKEA-priced) KASSETT magazine files, my archives can now be concealed on the same EXPEDIT shelf. At $3.50/pair, I spent $7 and am feelin’ fine. They even match the photo storage on the bottom of the shelf and have pretty metal edges all around for reinforcement.

Magazine files.

4. Give Pete organized coffee or give him death.

His main goal of the trip was to walk out with new countertop canisters for essentials: coffee, creamer, flour, sugar. We both agreed on the etched glass and clean-lined design of these. He immediately transferred the creamer and coffee; the sugar and flour will occupy the larger models and make more space in the baking cabinet. If I recall, the smaller ones were $6.99 and the larger canisters were $9.99.

IKEA canisters.

5. Fancy Cards.

Impulsively, I picked up a pack of 5 postcard-sized KORT prints sale priced for $.99. Read closely and appreciate the Swedish cities incorporated into each design. They could make a fun framed series someday, or else will actually be used for casual postcards.

KORT cards.

Who else is last-minute splurging on themselves? Any IKEA weekend trips planned this weekend?

  • Elisa @ The Self Life
    6 years ago - Reply

    Ooh, love all those things! And those shower curtains.. wow. Going Ikea on Saturday and I’m suuuuppa excited. I’ve got my long list even though it’s only 40 minutes away. Heh. Ikea = new projects!

    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      Excitement! Yes, the shower curtains were a WIN, but maybe they’ve been stocked for 10-years and I only found them this week. Sort of wish I had bought more.

    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      Additional note – I’ve never seen so much on sale at IKEA. Maybe it’s something about this time of year, but keep your eyes peeled!

  • Cait @ Hernando House
    6 years ago - Reply

    I wish I could go to Ikea this weekend, but I have to work tomorrow, and I have plans on Sunday. Love the tiny clock, canisters and cards, though!

    PS – This totally sounds like something I would say “Couldn’t find a picture of me with a thumbs-up, bouncing around. That would’ve been more accurate.”

  • Laurel
    6 years ago - Reply

    Gah I love Ikea! Its a good thing ours like over 3 hours away, so we only go a couple times a year. I feel like it would be so much better if you could have an adult beverage while wandering around. It would make the flow so much nicer right?! Anyways, I seriously need some of those magazine holders. I’m a hoarder as well.

    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      IKEA absence makes the IKEA obsession grow stronger, doesn’t it? In a way I’m glad I have a 3-hour drive too – makes every trip more fun.

  • Kate @ Twenty-Six To Life
    6 years ago - Reply

    I seriously love Ikea. I could clean out my bank account in that store, lol.

  • Helen
    6 years ago - Reply

    I just “discovered” your FB & blog which had been reading most of my day.
    well I love IKEA as well and since we live in Toronto we have few stores around. You will find us there many times just go there for meals as free parking, save environment and inexpensive meals are great for bunch of the ladies

    Since you were showing us your find a plastic shower curtain, which I but at local dollar store (DollarRama) few times a year as I cannot be bothered to wash them (as I used to) so I get new one at affordable price.
    I am not sure if you are familiar, but Ikea had excellent deal for beautiful sheers LILL (a pair for $5.99 CAD). I had been buying those for few years and price id dropping every time I go there. I had them in my old apartment, my new condo and as well introduced them to several my girlfriends. Price is unbeatable and even if you have curtains on your window this soft white sheers make window looks soft & clean.


    PS: Since you live in Rochester, which Ikea you are going to? My friend live in Lockport, NY and we usually meet up at Ikea in Burlington, Ontario.
    It is there any closer Ikea?

    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      Hi Helen! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you’re enjoying it. I do think I’ve bought LILL sheers in the past (great deal, agreed!). Our closest location is the Burlington, ON store, but we’ve been known to drive the extra hour to the larger Toronto location when we have extra time :) The only issues we encounter are the purchase restrictions when come back over the border into the USA, so whenever I need something bigger or pricier, I try and hold out until I’m near a US store (not that they’re especially close to Rochester, but we pretty regularly pass the Paramus, NJ and Washington D.C. in our travels.

  • penguin
    5 years ago - Reply

    that clock does not work very well. the design is just like a clock from Muji, ( almost the same size) the letters are too small. The blue color is a bad choice, it looks too close to black under lamp light and makes it hard to read the time.

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