DIY Network: Our Shower Has New Shelving (And More)

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In all honesty, we (I mean, I) thought this whole bathroom renovation would go much faster, but several weeks in, we’re still behind where I thought we’d be. Such is life. In reality, we took a few days off after Day 2 to tend to other work, friends, and family, but came back with full vengeance and got a lot done on what was our 3rd day of active construction.

Shelving, moisture barriers, HardiBacker, taping, we did it all, and then crashed into a deep sleep for 8 straight hours.

Those are some custom shelves. Check out for more detail on how we built them in our shower!

See the full details of Day 3 (including how we made some great custom inset shelving units) right here!

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Check back often!

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