DIY Network: More Problems = More Money

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Mo’ Money, Mo Problems, Mo’ Problems, Mo’ Money. Officially 4 weeks into the bathroom renovation, I can report that even in real-time we still don’t have our shower back. I miss it. A lot. But as you’ll see in this week’s DIY Network post (read the whole thing here), we’re powering through problems and making things happen.

That, my dear, is a brand new shower valve.

Unrelated to replacing valves and ogling all of the to-be-installed tile, I’ve actually spent an inordinate amount of time this week shopping online for shower curtain rod options, thinking that one of those ceiling-mounted curtain tracks would be a fun thing to try out instead of a traditional tension rod. The only downfall in my eyes are those metal beady strands that drop down from the ceiling. Does anyone know if there’s a well-manufactured alternative to beady drops? I say well-manufactured because Pete already talked me out of DIYing something, for fear that it wouldn’t glide well. And if that shower curtain doesn’t glide well, that’ll irk me more than knocking shampoo off the shelves with my flailing elbows (reference last week’s post on building custom shelves if you never want to whale shampoo with your elbows).

But before I get to actually installing shower curtains, I had a lot of unexpected decisions to make this week. Read up on the whole bathroom update right here on

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