DIY Network: A Day 9 Bathroom Update

February 02, 2012   //  Posted in: Bathroom, DIY, HGTV + DIY Network Projects   //  By: Emily   //  7 responses

In the grand scheme of do-it-yourself home improvement, we got a lot done on Day 9 of our bathroom renovation. True story, Day 9 of active construction translates to Day 29 in real-life time. Still no toilet.

Coming off of 4 straight days of tiling, being able to cross more than one thing off the list in one fell swoop felt really productive. More than anything, I was mostly relieved to find that grouting the shower didn’t take 4 straight days too. In addition to getting our grout on, I cleaned up some drywall issues and began to prep for new window trim. Now things are movin’ fast.

Check out our latest progress right here.

Making progress with the bathroom renovation!

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  • Rita@thissortaoldlife
    6 years ago - Reply

    I am now feeling like a complete amateur with our bathroom renovation! But grateful to have found this through AT. We’re close to where you are–have demoed the shower and installed some of the hardibacker. Still need to fix some plumbing snafus. But shopping for tile this weekend. That’s WAY more fun than plumbing. :-) Glad you’re just a step or two ahead of us.

    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita! Excited to learn more about your progress. The plumbing snafus were the most unexpected little surprises, but I guess I should have expected them! Good luck shopping for tile and preparing to install!

  • Emily
    6 years ago - Reply

    Found you through the Apartment Therapy home tour. It’s so nice to see another Rochester, NY Emily in Blogland. I look forward to following along.


    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      Hi Emily! Nice to “see” you also – you’re in Rochester?

    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      Not in the city, but Ontario County.

  • Harper
    6 years ago - Reply

    Can we revisit the topic of grout from this semi-old post? I see you used the color pewter. Did you find that it was accurate when compared to the color swatch from the store? All of the reviews for the pewter grout from HD say that it is significantly lighter in application than in the swatch. Hoping for your real-life take on it. Thanks!

    P.S: Any tips on mixing it? (Or did I miss those somewhere?)

    • Emily
      6 years ago -

      Hey Harper! Sorry for the delayed response; I haven’t been able to find my grout color chip guide to compare the color sample to what’s actually on the shower walls, so I can’t be exacting in my response, but it seemed pretty close to me. I was only looking for something lighter than black and darker than the Delorian Gray that I would be using on the vinyl floor tiles, so I wasn’t being uber-picky and Pewter ended up being a good neutral fit for me. All I can say with certainty is that it is NOT different enough for me to notice if it’s different from what I imagined.

      There would be mixing instructions on any bag of grout powder you buy, but I didn’t follow the instructions super-closely. I worked in really, really small batches, mixing a cup of powder with a few tablespoons of water and mixing really well by hand (not with a mixing paddle since it was such a small volume) until the consistency was like… ummm… wet sand. It needed to be wet enough to be mashed into the cracks easily, but stick together enough so it doesn’t slide down the wall (if it’s a wall you’re doing) or so that when you brush over the cracks with a grout float and damp sponge it doesn’t all wipe away. The grout will dry up on you really fast (faster than mortar) which is why I stuck to making small batches often, but keep in mind if you mix it too watery, you can pretty easily just let it sit for a few minutes and it’ll start to thicken up again itself. Or you can add another pinch of dry grout to the mix just like you might add more flour to your pie crust to thicken it up. And then if it’s drying up too fast on you while you work, I found that it was OK to trickle a few drops of water and remix/re-moisten as you work.

      Hope this helps!

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