DIY Network: Delayed Trimwork

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Once you get out of the swing of measuring and cutting trim, whether it be to frame a door, baseboard, crown moulding, or windows, it’s really, really hard to jump right back into it. Your brain will just. stop. working. And that’s why now, days later (which in this world while we’re also working full-time while we do this little renovation, actually translates to weeks later), we set out to finish what we started: building custom window trim.

To see a simple how-to for building a new window sill and building out trim, check out this week’s post on DIY Network’s blog, The Pegboard.

DIY Network: Emily does window trim. With ease.

Side note: You must think I wear this pink fleece everyday. I kind of do. It’s like DIY business casual, and cozy as could be. Layers for the win. Ladies, consider a zip-up fleece. And men, consider it for your ladies. Mine’s from Target.

If you missed the beginning of this bathroom renovation series, catch up for yourself by perusing these posts:

  1. A little video introduction and tour!
  2. An overview of the materials I’ve been purchasing! Because what DIY-crazed girl wouldn’t love tile shopping?
  3. And getting down and dirty with demolition!
  4. Training a beginner to repair a drain pipe and install a bathtub!
  5. Building custom shower shelving, and learning how to install HardiBacker.
  6. And learning more than I ever thought I’d know about shower valves and PEX.
  7. Four days of tiling. No exaggeration.
  8. And then we grouted our little hearts out.
  9. Leaned on and learned about underlayment.
  10. Drank lots of coffee, painted (and re-painted), and whipped through the floor install!
  11. Not to be ignored, an important finishing touch: I made custom baseboard trim from common lumber.
  12. The vanity installation brought so much to the room!
  13. Mirror, mirror, how do I hang you on a wall?

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