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Before we hopped on a jet plane this week, we rocked through a few more bathroom updates for DIY Network. The window trim and door threshold really have nothing in common sequentially, but I squeezed them both in, same day, easy peasy.

The windows look great with a semi-glossy thick coat of white, but the addition of the threshold really pulls the entryway together and makes for a striking transition from original hardwoods to new gray tiles. So shiny. So new. So hopefully-not-breakable. Can’t wait for you to see the true before + after reveal in the coming weeks after making this much progress.

But in the meantime, I added lots of photos and commentary to this week’s post on DIY Network’s blog. Check it out yourself to see how I approached both projects, and how the end result looks.

Me, thresholding. Very rewarding.

If you missed the beginning of this bathroom renovation series, catch up for yourself by perusing these posts:

  1. A little video introduction and tour!
  2. An overview of the materials I’ve been purchasing! Because what DIY-crazed girl wouldn’t love tile shopping?
  3. And getting down and dirty with demolition!
  4. Training a beginner to repair a drain pipe and install a bathtub!
  5. Building custom shower shelving, and learning how to install HardiBacker.
  6. And learning more than I ever thought I’d know about shower valves and PEX.
  7. Four days of tiling. No exaggeration.
  8. And then we grouted our little hearts out.
  9. Leaned on and learned about underlayment.
  10. Drank lots of coffee, painted (and re-painted), and whipped through the floor install!
  11. Not to be ignored, an important finishing touch: I made custom baseboard trim from common lumber.
  12. The vanity installation brought so much to the room!
  13. Mirror, mirror, how do I hang you on a wall?
  14. We made custom window trim, something totally DIY-able to the masses.

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