DIY Network: Power Time

April 12, 2012   //  Posted in: HGTV + DIY Network Projects, Tools   //  By: Emily   //  Leave a comment

There’s plenty to be said about the antique tools that both Pete and I have collected over the years; they’re rustic, valued, and trustworthy, but in an age where power rules, power tools excel at making any renovation, how should I put it, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

It’s not to say that a DIY adventure like a bathroom renovation would be impossible without the tools that I’ve outlined and given serious props to in this week’s post on DIY Network… it’d just be much more time consuming and challenging. And let’s face it, I like easy. Power-easy.

A surprising contender for the MVP tool of bathroom renovation.

Paddle mixer awesomeness aside, there are 4 other tools of the trade that you’re going to want to get your hands on if you’re planning a renovation of any scale, so check them out. And if there are other crucial buggers that I’m missing in this list, feel free to chime in with what tools stand out from your own bathroom renovation!

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