True story: That louvered bifold door at the top of my stairs? It’s a phony-bologna. It’s never been really installed to fold out on a track, instead, it’s wedged and forced, totally locked and loaded in the frame really, really well. And yes, I did just use a Stacy London-ism by describing to my closet door the same way she’d suggest keeping the ladies tucked into a fitted blazer. It’s that tight.

Oh. That door up there? It's totally just wedged in there.

The broken closet door makes accessing my linens an inconvenient pain in the butt. To paint a picture, it involves yanking the door out and balancing it against the window blind while I forcefully cram clean laundry inside with one hand, while keeping the dog at bay with the other so he doesn’t knock the entire door down the stairs again while it’s standing free and unattached… I probably shouldn’t use my laziness and unfamiliarity with the science of a bifold door as an excuse for allowing it to stay broken for almost 3 years, it was an easy fix once I put my mind to it.

You can read all about it in this week’s post on DIY Network. Check it out for yourself, because not only are there installation tips, but you’ll also get a full dose in understanding what was going on with that wonky door frame too.

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