DIY Network: Seriously Floral

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Door decor happens to be something I’m wildly attuned to, that’s why I try to keep to a seasonal swap-out schedule. I like to keep things fresh. I happen to believe that this decor is a big deal, mostly because the more I focus on the wreaths I make for the front door, the less I dwell on the fact that the driveway’s slowly turning from asphalt to sand. Issues, issues.

In today’s post on DIY Network, I explore an amazing Rochester, NY shop and come home with beautiful blossoms to display. And then I make something pretty.┬áCheck out all the details for yourself!

Pretty flowers, wet hair, no big deal.

Preferred Plants rules, Rochestarians. You’ll want to make a special trip to see the store yourself. It’s located at 1300 University Ave., right in front of Pomodoro, so you can have dinner and drinks after browsing and buying too, OK? OK.

If you’re looking for more info on the store, my friend Danielle posted about it yesterday. She gets a one-up though, she caught wind that they were having a Mothers Day sale and shared a coupon with her readers. Go steal it for yourself.

And to fans in Charlotte, NC, word on the website is that you just got your own shop too. I want you to go be there. (See location info here.)

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