DIY Network: How I Filled The Workbench (Thrift-fully)

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It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I’ve managed to find a lot of tools for the shed, garage, and workbench in the most thrifty of ways; a girl’s got to save her dough where she can, and even though we have a plentiful arsenal of great tools, that doesn’t mean I’m always paying retail for them at the big box stores. A lot of people turn to garage sales as a place to find salvagable furniture, home decor, or kids clothes and toys, but we’ve found a lot of other tools and materials at these events too.

It’s resourcefulness at it’s tool-finest. Check out this week’s post on DIY Network to see my Top 10 garage sale tool picks (and then go¬†scavenging¬†through your own neighborhood this weekend).

Girl gets tool-thrifty. See more of what she buys at garage sales at

We actually popped over to a church sale earlier this morning and snapped a few photos that validate my point: inexpensive tools are plentiful. Not shown: unused window and door insulation, tool belts, Dremel attachments, sandpaper, and gardening planters.

Finding inexpensive tools at garage sales.

And don’t even get me at the kitchen goods; this isn’t a post pushing “tools of the kitchen” but Pyrex, skillets, and muffin tins, anyone?

Finding inexpensive kitchen goodies at garage sales.

We scooted home with 5 candles (for 80-cents), a basket (50-cents), and some tub and wall trim that might come in handy while Pete works to update his parent’s bathroom. For a mere 10-cents, it’ll be worth a shot.

Finding inexpensive bathroom repair goods at garage sales.

Find anything great on your own salvaging adventures lately?

  • Richard Robertson
    8 months ago - Reply

    Need some DIY Network tools. Do you sell any tools like hand saw, workbench, drill machine etc?

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