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I made something fun-slash-pretty for this week’s post on DIY Network, and I think you’re going to like it. Even if you don’t have a gigantic cinderblock garage that you’re trying to disguise.

It's me. In a pretty to-be window planter!

You see, our garage is huge. It’s a single car structure, but it extends almost the entire length of the property, meaning that one whole side of my backyard is a cement wall. It’s not a pleasant sight, but I’ve been making due and living with it for over three years now. Come to think of it only now, why didn’t I turn the backyard into a handball court?

I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s post, but this little DIY project made an eagle’s eye debut (because I don’t do extensive editing on my photos, and photoshopping something out that only simply overlapped another project on my Monday afternoon seemed ridiculous).

Oh yeah. Me with a broom. And a finished window box down there in the corner.

Head on over to see today’s post on DIY Network to see how I designed and assembled the new modern window box!

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