DIY Network: BAM, That’s The Right Light

August 23, 2012   //  Posted in: Bathroom, DIY, HGTV + DIY Network Projects, Lighting   //  By: Emily   //  Leave a comment

After a 4-month backorder, I’m excited to have given my bathroom a much needed update in the lighting department. It’s amazing how long you can go on living with a giant, 4-bulb, uncovered, off-center fixture that detracts from the beauty of a new vanity and sinktop, and also, it’s amazing how hard it can be to find affordable bathroom fixtures that aren’tĀ atrocious. I think you’ll like my selection.

In today’s post on DIY Network, it’s out with this old fixture, and in something modern, fantastic, and brand-spankin’ new. And I updated the mirror to boot, so take that, ugly light, whoop-pah.

Whoopsy, did you forget all about updating that light? Because I did.

P.S. I also chimed in earlier this week the topic of wall patching and painting. You’ll want to see that post too, if you’re looking for quick and easy tips for your home.

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