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September 05, 2012   //  Posted in: HGTV + DIY Network Projects, Merry Travels   //  By: Emily   //  2 responses

One week ago today, I walked the Moroccan coastline and stepped into the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean. It was awesome, and tomorrow I’ll have more pictures as damning evidence of our vacation to Morocco. You’ve probably already seen some of the fun on facebook and instagram, and both Pete and I will continue to share some of our favorites over the next few days.

Casablanca, Morocco: Emily steps into the ocean.

Speaking of things that happened last week, two posts of mine went live on DIY Network’s blog The Pegboard.

1. This quick tutorial on caulking¬†will make you want to pick up some caulk on the way home from work. All of those scummy gaps in your sink and shower surround can easily be scrubbed, re-caulked, and cured, improving the condition of your home or rental space, and then maybe you’ll be less gut-wrenched about letting your house guests bathe in that second bathroom that desperately needs an update. And once you start caulkin’, it’s hard to stop… it’s like a caulking party? Maybe? Or is that just me.

2. I’ve done a serious amount of online investigation when it comes to planning and executing large projects around this house, and dare I say it, there’s a lot of bad advice out there. Consider my 3 quick tips before you start planning your next project, and reap the reward of DIY confidence. And then comment with your own helpful tips!

What’re you planning for your home as fall approaches?

  • Harper
    5 years ago - Reply

    I accomplished one major pre-winter project this past weekend…scrubbing and sealing the deck. How often do you plan on sealing yours? Up next (fingers crossed) before the snow flies will be to raise the height of the deck so it’s even with the door frames instead of taking a step down onto it and reorganizing the shed (painting walls, installing shelves and all).

    • Emily
      5 years ago -

      I use weatherproofer on the deck once a year (in the fall right before winter hits so it’s nice and sealed when there’s a foot of snow melting on it). Good luck with the height adjustment – I love that ours is the same height as the sliding glass door in the backyard; our front door has a tiny step and it always feels like such a hazard. Good stuff!

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