DIY Network: What Would You Make From This Tablecloth?

September 27, 2012   //  Posted in: DIY, HGTV + DIY Network Projects   //  By: Emily   //  Leave a comment

How many home interior accents can you make from a single piece of 57″x94″ fabric?

In today’s post on DIY Network, I effectively set myself up for a new challenge: transforming a simple IKEA tablecloth into three different pieces of new home decor, ambitiously trying to carry my beloved olive-goldie-green throughout other rooms in our home. See, we don’t use formal tablecloths on our dining room table, but lots of other good can come from a piece of canvas of this size. See for yourself.

Ready for a fun tablecloth upgrade?

P.S. I also popped up over on DIY Network yesterday afternoon to show you how easy it is to update the exterior of your home with motion-activated lights! You can read that extra post right here.

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