The leaves on the trees in this part of the world are amazing this week and it really takes me back to another place. My parents have a forest in their backyard, a forest in which they chiseled out a handmade path for me and my sister and all of our friends to explore while we were kids. I’m sure that in the last 15 years that path has been completely overgrown; it could easily have grown back over in the course of a single summer. Even though I didn’t actually participate in the trimming and regular mowing of that acreage, I remember it requiring a lot of maintenance. They were troopers giving us such a fun place to play. I can still remember the route that looped and twisted through the back three acres of their property like it was yesterday. One of the first clearings in the path stood beneath dozens of tall aspen trees, and the memory of those trees undoubtedly plays a part in why I have such affection for the look of beautiful white birch and aspen bark.

That’s a little back story to preface this week’s project for DIY Network. Head on over to see my crafty little interpretation of those trees.

DIY aspen tree-inspired home decor at DIY Network!

P.S. Much of our life revolves around wedding-related planning lately, so earlier this week I shared a few tips on creating DIY wedding invites. Whether you’re curious about designing yourself, or looking for a beautiful template to work from, check out this bonus post on DIY Network.

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