Honing In On The Hive

October 17, 2012   //  Posted in: Decor   //  By: Emily   //  3 responses

Could I love a bee hive-inspired vase more than I love this one?

Beehive-inspired vase.

For only $8, I had a hard time rationalizing against the purchase at Marshall’s, despite the fact that the last thing I really need is another vase. It’s a downright charming clean-lined design, and the perfect scale for many a place in our home. And on top of that, it’s actually glass, not acrylic, a point only worth making because it helps to demonstrate its perceived value in my mind since I needed to carry it home squeezed between my calves on the scooter. Scooting with oversized pieces of glass is probably not well-advised.

From above, so pretty. I have plenty of ball-jar sized vases, but not very many that would be able to present long stemmed flowers, and the shape of this one offers even more, promising not to topple thanks to its wide frame and sturdy base.

Brand new beehive-inspired glass vase from Marshalls.

I can already see it sitting on the kitchen island next summer overflowing with peonies and lillies. Had I known it was in my imminent future, I probably would have cut the gorgeous fall hydrangeas to a more favorable length. Side note: We really need a new, less-scratched-veneer dining room table.

It's a large charming vase for our long-stemmed springtime flowers.

Buy anything particularly unnecessary lately?

P.S. I spent several weeks planning for, and then five minutes finally taking care of a dire attic insulation issue in my home. Our upstairs bedrooms and landing thank us greatly, and we’re expecting merry rewards in our winter heating bill. Check out this post on DIY Network to see what I did to cure a costly and frigid situation.

  • Anna
    5 years ago - Reply

    It’s a lovely vase!

    I also made a couple of unnecessary purchases yesterday. I bought a candle votive from Goodwill (come to think of it, it kind of has that bee-hive look as well) in a shiny bronze color, and then I found a matching one (matching in color, but different in shape and texture) in Target on clearance and grabbed it as well.

    • Emily
      5 years ago -

      Great finds! Was the Target find one of those dip dyed designs? I saw a bunch marked 50% off in the clearance section over the weekend… they were lovely.

  • Anna
    5 years ago - Reply

    No, it wasn’t dip dyed (though I think those are beautiful as well). It was shiny bronze in color, but had a bumpy texture to it. And, it turns out that the Goodwill find was also originally from Target! No wonder they match…

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