DIY Network: Tasteful Displays Of Familial Affection

December 06, 2012   //  Posted in: Decor, DIY, HGTV + DIY Network Projects   //  By: Emily   //  2 responses

I’m always looking for new ways to display our assortment of family photos, mostly because I can’t bear to dust around another micro-sized frame on a cluttered shelf as long as I live. And it’s always dustier around picture frames, how is that?

Truth is, we rarely have family pictures on the first floor of our home in the traditional sense; there are usually a few scattered on the fridge, but rarely framed formally. I like keeping those personal touches in the bedrooms and upstairs stairwell, a place where we can enjoy them but we can have them more out of sight of everyday company. My latest addition is a giant poster-sized print that I hung in the expansive space above Julia’s bed. We all like it a lot.

Check out today’s post on DIY Network to learn more about this new canvas, and to see 4 other ways to tastefully display your family’s photos and artwork in the home.

Rocking the oversized art in the kid's room.

Side note: Sweet new tree sheets from Tar-jay. Great on a kid’s bed, yes, but I almost bought a matching set for our bed. Too much?

P.S. I chimed in earlier this week with some holiday quick tips, because I’m big on adding easy holiday decor that doesn’t force me to put the rest of our belongings into temporary storage. It can all live harmoniously, that I believe. You can probably relate to¬†seasonal decor displacement disorder, so check out this bonus post on DIY Network to learn about my perspective.

  • Kristin
    5 years ago - Reply

    Was this by any chance a photograph taken with an iPhone or edited via Instagram? I’ve been wondering if the resolution will hold up at such a large scale. I would love seeing some Instagram pictures blown up larger than a 2″ square.

    • Emily
      5 years ago -

      Funny you should bring it up, that picture of the clovers WAS an iPhone 4 photo. Pete just reminded me of it. The resolution is great in person. I haven’t tried enlarging instagrams too big – there are a few that I had printed as 4×6 photos (yes they cropped a bit on top and bottom) and the quality of those was a bit blah, but that could be attributed to the more dramatic filters…

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