I’m all about the DIY love over here. With Valentine’s Day not so far away, I hope you’ve given some consideration to what you’ll be doing with your special someone. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in handmade Valentine’s Day cards and DIY patterned wrapping paper, and there’s been glitter. Lots of glitter. So much glitter that I somehow found pieces of it in my pesto pasta with chicken last night, which was delish, but unexpected. I wish I were joking about that.

What came to be from all of this were two fun projects for DIY Network, projects that tell you a little bit about how much I love hearts and the color gold. This seems to be a theme of late, an inherent attraction between me and gold, and I’ll go with its flow.

You’ll want to see how much I love them right about now, so continue on to DIY Network for more:

DIY potato stamped wrapping paper

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