DIY Network: Inspiration (And Love) Runneth Over

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We’re feverishly enthralled in Valentine’s Day over here, eating Hershey’s Kisses, wearing red, what can I say, I love the love, and I’ve always been that way, so happy day to all of you. Speaking of love, I owe you a peek at some photos of our wedding that we have from the photographer, and also a whole recap of our vacation to the Azores last month. The whole vacation summary really slipped my mind–it’s not DIY-centric but the islands are more inspiring in many ways, and I think you’ll be amazed at what we saw–we still have 2,400 photos to comb through, cue the enthusiasm.

I’ve been feverishly working on a few new projects this past week, and it has allowed me to explore a few new blogs in the process. I decided to feature two of those blogs in this first post on DIY Network. Both Caitlin from Desert Domicile and Mandy from House of Rose tackled their respective projects flawlessly, and I think you’ll be inspired to try either one in your home.

Alternatively, I found another great use for my favorite woodburning kit (as seen in my post about the Pete Brushes). In an inspired and personalizing manner, I took a salvaged box and turned it into a practical jewelry storage system that I expect to have and use for a long time. You can see the whole project for yourself right here in a second post on DIY Network.

DIY Customized Jewelry Box.

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