DIY Network: Blacking Out

February 21, 2013   //  Posted in: Bedrooms, DIY, HGTV + DIY Network Projects   //  By: Emily   //  2 responses

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best seamstress, and I’m not even a great no-sew seamstress, but if I were, my house might have way more DIYed curtains than it does. But here’s the thing, regardless of the finished project (which I’m still wavering about a little bit) you’re going to learn two awesome things in today’s post on DIY Network, and then maybe you’ll turn into me and start scheming all kinds of ways you can add inexpensive, custom curtains to your pad:

  1. You can buy blackout fabric by the yard at the craft store instead of as comparably expensive pre-cut panels at your favorite home goods store and, 
  2. How to make functional roman shades out of a flat bedsheet.

Things be good, and things be dark. For only $20/window.

How to make a functional DIY roman blackout shade.

P.S. Thinking of adding a pergola to your home this spring? DIY Network showcases a bunch of really great designs. Check out some of them in this bonus post on DIY Network, and in this photo gallery.

  • Emily
    5 years ago - Reply

    Thank you! I need this for our 25+ windows with radiators in front of them!

    • Emily
      5 years ago -

      Haha! I have a total love/hate relationship with the radiators. Glad this gave you an idea of how to work around them!

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