Terrarium Transplanting

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I had a whole bunch of little geometric planters leftover from our winter wedding, so many so that I ended up giving more away to family and friends who inquired about them after I posted about how they were made. I saved a few of the best remaining ones for myself, and they continue to do quite nicely. They’re a charming momento of a day that’s already over 3 months behind us.

Cute little wedding favors using DIY clay planters and succulents.

Even though most had found good homes, I really didn’t have room to adopt an extra 17 little planters. And while many of them were doing fine, about half of them failed to root (because they haven’t been watered in two months, my very bad, and also, wintertime succulent transplants aren’t always successful). I’ve mentioned that these would be better wedding favors for summertime weddings, right?

Instead? I transplanted those little succulents (the rooted ones specifically) into rehab in an vintage Maxwell House coffee jar turned terrarium.

Time to build a succulent terrarium!

I’ve had plenty of luck growing succulents in containers without formal drainage, so I followed my same pattern here by layering the bottom few inches of the jar with stone–small bits of flagstone from last summer’s patio project that would prevent the soil from smothering the bottom of the jar, and give the water a runoff point–and topping it off with a layer of fresh (damp) potting soil. I dropped each pre-rooted succulent into the jar, gently pressing it into the soil for good contact, and set the whole thing in the window to soak up some springtime love.

Much like the geometric planters, this terrarium will be a great way for these little succulents to begin to grow, and once they become sizable or start to crowd in the jar, I can easily transplant them again so they continue to flourish. The real question is, how am I going to house all of these little succulents once they mature? Crazy plant lady.

Summer terrarium using a vintage jar.

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