DIY Network: Whilst Planning and Packing…

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We’ve got a feeling that next week is going to be legendary/life-changing/super fun… but in the midst of packing up our current home and  making other repairs for our future tenants, I’ve also gotten through a whole bunch of projects and tutorials for DIY Network.

To see more of my writing from the last few weeks, check out these posts:

  • Mother Nature’s trauma being endured by families in other parts of the country is far from what many of us can begin to imagine. How prepared are you and your family if a natural disaster were to strike? Do you have photocopies of all of your important documents? Extra sets of keys, extra medical supplies, extra bottled water? Get a kit ready just in case; you can have it ready in a day, and it doesn’t have to take that much space. Learn how I made ours (and find out what a kit needs to contain) right here.
  • Pretty paper alert: I made this gift wrap out of tissue paper and RIT dye. It’s watercolor-y perfection.
  • Buying a pressure washer can be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. The PSI, GPM, spray settings, learn what you need to know in this post.
  • It’s garage sale season, and with that comes awesome furniture finds at a steal of a deal. Find out how to refinish some of your treasures, like my mid-century sideboard, right here.
  • I’ve seen a lot of DIY clocks cross my path, but I always wondered how hard it was to assemble them, and where you could find the parts. Looking for tips like this too? This post will help with shopping, buying, and assembly (and give you a few creative ideas for installation in the process).


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