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It’s our 10th day of new homeownership, and it’s been the best kind of busy weeks. Though we hardly feel ready to take a break from it all (hello, there are still 50 unpacked boxes, drawers strewn about our bedroom floor, and no TV), we’re heading out for the weekend, me to The Renagade Craft Fair in Brooklyn for a weekend of fun, and Pete to Florida to hang with his childhood homeboys.

We spent more than an appropriate amount of time uncovering and repairing all kinds of little issues in our house (yes, things that we didn’t catch during our home inspection, yeeks), and I’ll be back with some updates on those situations next week… once I can confidently say that we got ’em done.

In the meantime, let’s hope that the house sitter is A-OK taking a bath instead of a shower, and I hope you enjoy these posts of mine that were shared on DIY Network’s blog Made + Remade:

1. Happy Housewarming, Happy Summer, or a thoughtful Thank You, find out how to make miniature, customized cards at home from scratch, or by reducing the size of bulk blank card stock.

A pretty and easy tablescape for summer parties. 2., 3. Picnicking? Hosting family and friends on the deck? Here’s a quick, pretty, and easy tablescape using easy to find items (and many items straight from your own kitchen!). Bonus post: Find out how I made those little flags, and get a quick tip on fluffy frosting.

4. Father’s Day may have passed, but his birthday’s right around the corner. Here are some great gift ideas for the men in your life, from both the handmade and store-bought varieties. Surely there’s something to please any dude (just add in some golf balls and tees for good measure).

5. I am no expert when it comes to moving, but I’ve never hired a moving company to get the job done and the experiences have never been too scarring, so I must be doing something A-OK. Check out this post with 5 quick tips on moving, from disassembling IKEA furniture to packing the van to protecting your dinnerware.

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