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I’ve had the best time over the last few weeks planning and creating projects for Made + Remade. DIY Network has a lot of good things coming in the next few months, and I’m doing cartwheels in anticipation. I don’t do cartwheels often enough anymore, which should really tell you how great things are getting.

In the time since my last update, I’ve had eight new posts featured on DIY Network. Check out these ramblings and tutorials when you have a chance:

1. We haven’t spent a lot of time in the kitchen yet. Most of our meals eaten at home have been enjoyed on the grill, happily. Do you love charcoal grills as much as me? (Impossible.) I wrote up a quick guide for maintaining your grill, with tips applicable to both the charcoal and propane varieties. Happy summer!

2. Stampity-stamp-stamp. This is a project that I had been itching to try for a long time; it’s been many years since I first tried block printing, but I wanted to try it again as an adult, and maybe make something more substantial and intricate than a geometric shape, which is all the creativity I could muster back in ’97. I think it turned out great, considering that looping type is hard, yo, and I can’t wait to make a few more designs.

How to make a rubber stamp on DIY Network.

3. Got milk glass vases? Whatchagonnado with them?

4. We all have leftover wall paint. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that. Here’s an idea for repurposing it to make artwork that coordinates with your own palette.

5. Girl’s gotta give the pressure washer a good workout from time to time. The house is so happy now. (Side note: Pregger belly alert.)

How to clean vinyl siding on DIY Network.

6. I’ve never met a mortise I didn’t like. I wish our new house had them, because I already miss that glass doorknob. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to get up close and personal with it, and I’m tellin’ ya, if your home’s doors feature them, you’ll want to know how to maintain them.

7. Ahh, happy summer flowers. That’s it. Bring me all of your flowers.

8. We beat the deer. I mean, we planted the annual tomato crop and installed some deer-resistant fencing has so far outsmarted those lanky beasts that roam our property. (I wish I could say that they’re starting to change their routes after us living here for a few weeks–especially with the dog chasing them–but now we catch them napping next to the fenced in tomato plants, hmph.)

Protecting the tomato plants from deer on DIY Network.

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