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July 25, 2013   //  Posted in: DIY, HGTV + DIY Network Projects   //  By: Emily   //  one response

Gels, Geniuses, Gifts, I went all over the place last week in posts on DIY Network’s blog Made + Remade. Catch up on these quick reads for yourself:

1. I demonstrated the strength of gel stain last week by showcasing its ability to transform anything wooden, in this case, a set of salvaged wooden lamps. The kitchen at our last house turned out great thanks to General Finishes, but when I saw reviews that the Minwax gel stain product performed well too, I was eager to compare.

2. Lana and her husband Joey at Making A House A Home have an enviable talent when it comes to styling home accessories, both modern and vintage. Their baby boy’s nursery is also u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-y unique, and their kitchen is in the middle of a great transformation. For those reasons, I crowned her a Made + Remade Creative Genius, so check her out.

3. In my family, there are lots of August birthdays approaching and I’ve been constantly on the hunt to find the right gifts. Many of the recipients are wonderfully handy, crafty, artsy, fartsy, and like me, enjoy getting gifts that are practical and creative and give them permission to use their hands. Psst, that soy candle wax is getting its melt on today.

Groovy soy candle wax, let's do this.

  • Lana
    4 years ago - Reply

    thanks so much emily!!! im blushing by your kindness!

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