Sweet SVEIO (And Other IKEA Finds)

August 16, 2013   //  Posted in: Bedrooms, Helping The Economy   //  By: Emily   //  2 responses

We went to IKEA last weekend, mostly because we had spent the night in Niagara Falls and seize any opportunity that we can get when it comes to buying Canadian IKEA goodies in bulk. (Staying overnight means we can bring more product back to the USA).

It was a trip to pick up a few things for the kid’s rooms (and bag clips, because we always need more bag clips) but we ended up spending a lot of time investigating couch options, and new products too. Being in an IKEA as new homeowners is a completely liberating experience. Almost anything Swedish-modern goes when you have a completely unfurnished home.

IKEA happiness, August 2013.

We actually really liked the KIVIK sofa (top left), and I’ve been happy to hear that other readers are fans too (thanks FB and IG followers!). Other items we liked included an ÖDESTRÄD duvet, the STRANDMON chair in orange, and colorful KLIPPAN couches that might be a fun addition to Julia’s bedroom someday (it’s fun to think that her room could actually fit a small sofa). There were also about 2,000 other products that we would have crammed into the Jeep if possible, but I’ll spare you, just get the new catalog.

I really haven’t written much yet in regards to our decorating plans for the nursery; we have a few things picked out, but to be totally honest, most of the decorating is probably going to happen once the kid is here and I can hone in on a boy palette or girl palette. Not that I see an uber-maculine or femme style happening, but if there’s any chance I’m going to want to buy a fuschia area rug–and there may or may not be–I may as well make sure it’s a girl first. Like with baby clothes shopping, I figure I have the rest of its life to be decorating for him/her, so bringing a baby home to a totally finished room isn’t feeling entirely necessary (right now at least, clearly I’m not doing that nesting thing, unless it means working on your home all the time, in which case I was nesting long before I got pregnant).

We have been accumulating some of the neutral must-haves, like a charming birch and white crib, and a rocking chair that seems to be eternally on backorder, so when we were at IKEA and both fell for the SVEIO two-drawer dresser, we bought it. The perfect little functional table accent for the nursery.

Sweet SVEIO storage for the baby.

We weighed the pros and cons of getting something taller with more storage (I searched Craigslist–and even visited a creeper or two–in search of a refinishable 6-drawer mid-cenutry dresser to no avail) and in the end, I think that the closet in the bedroom will be plenty of storage, and this smaller table will be good for the stash of cloth diapers and blankets that we’ll want to keep at our fingertips.

Plus, integrated dampers mean easy close drawers, the first we’ve ever owned, but something we fully intend to install throughout every possible door and drawer for eternity, starting today. Happiness ensued.

Weekend IKEA assembling plans, anyone?

  • Cait @ Hernando House
    4 years ago - Reply

    Loving the SVEIO dresser!

    We (still) have not made it to Orlando to visit IKEA/that West Elm yet (what is WRONG with us?!), but maybe tomorrow? Some progress on bathroom plumbing this week, as well as painting by the outdoor shower in preparation for that being plumbed tomorrow or Sunday.

  • Brenda
    4 years ago - Reply

    I used to enjoy visiting our local IKEA outlet to see what’s new , but since moving to the country we are now an hour away from the nearest shop. I like your choice in the strandmon chair. It looks like a very cosy modern day wing back with ottoman. Would love something like this but know that it wouldn’t be long before our cats started using it for their own personal scratching post! We have had to opt for wooden-framed couches for this reason.

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