DIY Network: My Craftiness, Captured

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August went fast, no? A lightning-like zap of birthday-craft-home-decor-mania, and luckily I captured some of it over on DIY Network’s Blog, Made & Remade. Side note: So many great contibutors happenin’ over there, you’d be silly not to poke around and get cool ideas for lots of different types of projects. If you want in on the action, join the Virtual Studio by usingĀ #maderemade when posting to facebook, twitter, and instagram!

Have time to catch up on your reads? Here are some of the posts that were published on Made & Remade in the month of August. Enjoy!

Customize your wooden flatware for any event. See how at DIY Network's blog Made & Remade. Wooden flatware for every meal would be really super practical, and so eco-cool. I used it for a get together earlier in the month, and found that I could even customize the flatware to match the occasion and, more importantly, my salad. If you’re looking for a cool alternative to plastic silverware for your next event, glean someĀ wooden flatware inspiration and find out where you can buy it at a great price.


Learn how to make DIY chalk paint. I got a taste (no not literally a taste) of how great Chalk Paint is for crafting a few months ago when I made over Julia’s chalkboard frame, and it was only then that someone gave me a heads up that you can totally make your own DIY Chalk Paint (in virtually any color! at home! for el-cheapo!). See how in this post where I made over a darling little rocking horse with mint green DIY chalk paint that will eventually adorn our in-progress nursery.


Love me a great Washi tape collection! You’re settling into a new dorm or apartment? Been there. That be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a few new ways to customize your temporary space, check out this post that’s loaded with DIY ideas from recovering cool hand-me-down furniture (peek at a killer sofa), making custom accents like DIY push pins, and customizing with pretty washi tape.


Learn how to sew with an Awl at DIY Network's blog Made + Remade. Learning how to maneuver an awl is a game-changer in the world of making heavy-duty-unsewing-machineable pieces of home decor. What’s an Awl? How do you use it? Well, my friends, you can see a quick tutorial for yourself right here. Of course, I don’t often have a reason to learn how to use a new tool without a purpose, so in this case, the purpose was to figure out how to transform a cool IKEA rag rug into a durable cushion. Go, learn, impress your friends with your obscure awl-wielding skills.

How to make a banner stamp for invites, greeting cards, and stationary. August was a birthday-intensive month. A banner month, so to say, because I got a lot of use out of a certain birthday banner that I made using Pantone postcards, a X-Acto knife, and some hot glue. Wham, bam, Happy Birthday, ma’am. I also learned how to make stamps out of common back-t0-school value-priced erasers, so I made a banner stamp too. BANNERS.


Planning for a backyard pebble stone patio (and lots of inspiration from DIY Network)! Finally, I’m noodling up some big plans for our new backyard, plans that revolve around our desire to have an awesome fire pit and a great outdoor living area. While flagstone and other pavers are still in contention, the idea of using pebble stones is sounding better and better for our home. Learn more about pebble stone patios here and check out some of the inspiration while you’re at it.


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