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…and no, neither the post title nor the fact that I haven’t posted in three days is indicative of me having delivered a human being, though I’d like to thank everyone for the little curious notes questioning my whereabouts. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been hard-core relaxing, but the house is still chaos, so in reality, I’ve been dedicating time to slowly putting the pieces back together as we complete room after room.

The nursery floor, for one, is done, except for the trim which is totally in my court and somewhere on the backend of my to-do list. As I shared last week, the room now shines with a glorious natural maple floors, just in time for me to reassemble what we’ve gathered for the kid.

I’ve said all along that we wouldn’t be doing much in the way of decor for the baby–not knowing whether it’s a boy or a girl does something to stall my desire to invest in things, like an area rug or artwork or even anything other than white onesies and gray striped pants (irresistible)–but I did buy these, because sometimes desire overrides logic, and apparently I’m a big C.H. fangirl:

Charley Harper wool birds.

It was last September that I was scoping out products in Preferred Plants for stone planter inspiration when I came across the Charley Harper collection in one of the retailer’s catalog. The store didn’t carry the products, but were willing to order them for us. It was a splurge (each was about $35-50 each, I don’t have the formal cost breakdown), more of an splurge than most any tiny decor I’ve ever bought, but hopefully items we’ll have for a long time (shown on the right).

Charley Harper by Gold Leaf Design.

The Gold Leaf Design Group designed and produced the collection for the Charley Harper Estate (I noticed you can buy some of the designs and lots of other cool items on the estate’s website, which means that I immediately sent product links to my parents as Christmas hints and cleared all of the happy from my brain cache so I don’t inadvertently spend all of my money). If you can’t read the tiny text, here’s what it says, reflecting on the history and intent of the design so nicely:

For more than sixty years, Charley Harper captured order and simplified intricate and complex lines, shapes and movement through his painted art. Without the use of computers, he painted Nature’s gifts with precision and called it “minimal realism.” Mr. Harper said, “…I don’t try to put everything in – I try to leave everything out… and so I have never counted the feathers in the wings for that is not what my puctures are about. I just count the wings.” – Approved by The Harper Estate and exclusively at Gold Leaf Design Group

The collection they produce actually takes on two forms: a wood and metal line (shown on the left in the photo of the catalog spread), and the wool line, from the wool line I purchased all 5 “for the nursery,” though it is redundantly communicated that these are not toys (ie. Emily, your newborn will probably jab out its eyeballs with those little bendy bird feet). Beyond being a sweet feature for the early design of our kid’s room, I see them a long-term investment in decor for our home in general. They’ll look equally as phenomenal anywhere.

Charley Harper wool bird, the Blackburnian Warbler.

Three of the five birds have arrived; the other two, a Cardinal and a Green Jay, are still on backorder for another month at least, so patience commences.

Each bird has fine wire legs and stands approximately 5-6″ high. They’re not big guys, but filled with character, and so reminiscent of what we’re trying to move towards with this new house.

A Charley Harper Burrowing Owl.

Has anyone else found these in retail stores? Own them? Adore them?

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    Love them!

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