‘Tis The Season (To Treat Yo’ Self)

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Holiday season has officially commenced, though I’ve been quietly thinking about it for awhile... planning, plotting, trying not to completely overlook Thanksgiving. We did a lot this weekend–a lot of eating, a lot of making, a lot of celebrating, tree decorating, snowman building, Christmas music listening, coffee consuming–and yet, if you were stopping by to visit today, all I’d really be primed to talk about is how much I’m enjoying watching Parks & Rec from Season 1, Episode 1 via Netflix. Mind fried, in need of a second long weekend.

Lucky for you, having quietly been getting into the holiday spirit for weeks over here, I’m prepped to report on several important details and activities, all documented on DIY Network’s blog Made + Remade. Things like:

1. Dude, LEDs. We saved up some $$$ and decided to completely replace all of our outdoor lights this year. Did you know you can string dozens upon dozens of LED strands together without maxing out a single outlet? I didn’t. Did you know you can get solar-powered LEDs? So awesome. More helpful tips for your LED-loving pleasure can be seen here!

Shopping For LED Light Strands.

2. A DIY pom-pom wreath! This little project that perked up our front doorway! Pom-poms make me use lots of exclamation points! (Side note: DIY Network also posted a little video of me making my poms to its instagram feed!)

3. One of the best (and easiest) DIY details at our wedding last December were the pine table runners. For the first time (ever!) I’m sharing how I made them, because I think they’d look really great as a detail on your own holiday tablescape too.

4. Decking the halls? Draping the tree? Think beyond popcorn and tinsel, and consider a custom DIY garland like one of these for your home. (Not shown, maybe a pom-pom garland too! Exclamations!)

5. Turn your garden bed upside down and repurpose those tomato trellises as part of your holiday decor. (This was so easy, and looks so good in person! My photos do not do it justice.)

DIY Tomato Trellis Holiday Decor.

What have you been doing to kick-start your DIY holiday spirit?

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