DIY Network: New Wreaths, Sweet Suet Treats, And More

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Man, I adore this holiday, you guys. Happy day of love to you all.

It’s been awhile since I shared links back to some of the work I’ve done for DIY Network’s blog, Made + Remade, so without further ado, I hope you find some inspiration poking through this recent content:

1. This heart-shaped wreath is one of my favorite projects so far this year – it used a single wire hanger, and remnants of my holiday decor. Learn how I made it here.

How to make a heart-shaped wreath.

2. As for other Valentine’s-inspired projects, it doesn’t take much to bring the spirit of the holiday into your own home. Think heart-shaped cupcakes, handmade valentine’s cards, or just draw oodles of pink hearts all over your significant other’s coffee mug on Friday AM. Bonus: DIY Network published this little instagram video of ye ol’ hands making a very crafty little garland!

3. In non-holiday-related banter, I take my insulation duties (ha, duties) very seriously. As I mentioned earlier this week, the first winter spent in a new house leads to discovering lots of drafts, and has a way of making you wonder how the previous owners stayed toasty without spending $5,000/month on gas and electric. I started in earnest in the basement, filling in each end joist with faced insulation, and continued with other remedies throughout the house to insulate as well as possible. Cozy!

4. I made a batch of suet treats for the birdies; we’ve enjoyed seeing everything from blue jays to robins peer in at us through our dining room window. And squirrels. The squirrels love us.

5. I also made Cody a new dog bed. Nothing like a new memory foam mattress under those dog knees! He’s the happiest dog on the block – and thank you again to everyone who sent well wishes and hoped for an easy recovery. I’m happy to say that our boy is back to his old self.

6. Pete was the focus of this feature on Made + Remade for the holiday series on Makers We Love. He blushed.

7. And finally, the kitchen upgrades that I wrote about at the beginning of the year are well underway (if all goes as planned, I’ll be wielding my paint brushes this weekend). Additionally, I made some pan protectors to safeguard one of our recent kitchen investments, and showcased those beautiful little silver knobs that people around here either love-love or hate-hate. You decide!


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