DIY Network: Unusual Recipes Are Making Me Hungry

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I don’t immediately think FOOD when I think about DIY Network and its blog Made + Remade, but incidentally, those are actually many of the posts that I get caught up in routinely.

I’m not one to contribute very many foodie projects to the internets (although, wouldn’t you know that my recipe Pinterest board is the one I populate with the most frequency, featuring the “projects” I’m most likely to actually test in my own kitchen).

Because there are loads of wonderful at-home recipes on Made + Remade from other contributors, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you today:

Gluten Free Donut Biscuits on Made + Remade Dough-to-the-iscuits: DIY Doughscuits. I’m going to be totally honest here – I don’t know what half of the ingredients in this recipe are, but I’m super intrigued by Ellen’s gluten-free solution to doughnuts-meets-biscuits with a side of Blood Orange Vanilla dipping sauce, OMG. After all, this is coming from the maker of Cronuts/Fauxnuts, so she probably can’t be steering you wrong.


DIY Necco wafers / Conversation Hearts on Made + Remade The V-Day holiday has passed, but did you know that it’s “fairly simple” to make your own conversation hearts? Mick’s words, not mine. It’s basically a recipe for at-home Necco wafers (I’m a Necco fiend), so I’m actually looking forward to trying this recipe. Bonus: If you’re into the idea of making your own extracts, he makes that look easy too.


DIY Ghee on Made + Remade I suppose you would think I was uncultured if I told you I didn’t know what Ghee was until I saw Kelly’s post on making your own Ghee at home. I also probably mispronounced it 5 different ways, so let’s not talk about it if we meet up in person. What did I learn? You can use it on just about anything, as you would butter. It’s more shelf-stable than butter, and it’s popular among the raw/paleo foodies. Who knew?


DIY Pomegranate Lime Ginger Gummies on Made + Remade Make gummies at home? Man, between DIY Neccos and yummy gummies, I might never have to shop for store-bought sweets again. Must try this Pomegranate-Lime-Ginger recipe someday.




DIY Bacon on Made + Remade North Carolinians make a bigger deal of pork than New Yorkers like myself. Did you even know there was more to making your own bacon than just throwing it on the griddle? Did you know it takes a week to do up some DIY bacon? Because once again, I’m surprised. And impressed. And immediately curious if I can follow the same guide to make some turkey bacon.


Pumpkin Cookies with Mulled Cider Cream Cheese Frosting on Made + Remade

Pumpkin cookies with mulled cider cream cheese frosting. Drool. It may not be unusual, but this recipe is one I keep wanting to try. The real question is, are you allowed to make these when it’s not Fall? Where does one find cider in the springtime?

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