DIY Network: Picnicking Like A Pro

June 28, 2012   //  Posted in: Beach, HGTV + DIY Network Projects, Tools   //  By: Emily   //  one response

… although, what’s there to be a pro about when you’re picnicking?

We’re picnic lovers. After all, we spend our days hunting beach glass, getting manicures and pedicures by trudging through the natural sand, and, well, eating a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs all summer long.

In this week’s post on DIY Network, I showcase a few of my recent picnicking finds. Tools of the picnicking operation, if you will. Tools that can turn even the novice picnicker who brings a turkey sandwich to the beach into someone who’s going to find themselves sitting out underneath a tree lathered with SPF 30 and tending to their grill whilst chomping on three bean salad. Just check it out, and start to plan for the weekend.

Life is good. Go have a fun picnic.

Life’s good. Have a picnic.

  • Romy
    6 years ago - Reply

    I bought an almost identical basket for my best friend when she got married 15 years ago! I filled it with picnic finery and champagne. It’s beautiful.

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