Azorian Collection, A Few Of My Favorite Things

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I hinted at this in last Friday’s tour of the Azores, we brought home a lot of beach glass.

Just as was the caseĀ in Morocco, I’m sure that most if not all of the beach glass had been trashed on the beach and over time, naturally turned and worn on the shore of the raging ocean. What differientiates this sub-collection from the treasures we find on our little Lake Ontario beach is that the Portuguese pieces were larger and were offered in many new colors. We couldn’t get enough of it. Meet our newbies.

Pieces of beach glass from the Azores.

Most of our collection came from a beach in the village of Mosteiros, Sao Miguel, the same village where we befriended a friendly pup and almost found ourselves the new homeowners of an oceanfront fixer-upper.

Mosteiros, Puppies, and Renovation Properties

We’re still not sure what will become of this set. I’ll never allow it to intermingle with the Bud Light and Barefoot glass that is surely what washes ashore in Rochester, it deserves a better feature.

I even found a distressed marble nestled within the volcanic rocks.

Beach glass marble found in the Azores.

The colors are astonishingly bright, and we found that many pieces were a blue-green hue. Also, we picked up some bright greens and a few small chunks that were more burnt orange/yellow color.

Beautiful blue-green beach glass colors.

Pretty Azores beach glass.

For scaling purposes, compare the found glass to my pink little hand.

Pieces of sea glass.

I brought home a baggie of black sand too, because it was the first time I’ve ever actually seen and touched black sand.

Azores black sand.

For now, I’ve consolidated it into a beaker glass that I just bought (from Amazon, a set of 3 for $6.49).

A beaker of black sand from the Azores.

One of the best things we found on the beach though, were tiles. Hand painted, beautiful tiles were often mixed amongst the bamboo driftwood and the basalt rocks, and we were lucky to grab a couple that hadn’t been too destroyed. This one is my favorite, a warm design and shape that I can imagine having displayed in my home (maybe propped on a windowsill, or used as a paperweight) forever.

Azores sea-tumbled tile.

I’m so glad to have heard recently from readers who have toured Sao Miguel, thank you for reaching out in various forms over the last week. Did you also bring back beach treasures from your vacations?

  • Sarah
    5 years ago - Reply

    I love how the sea glass looks laid out on that plate! Add some resin and it could become a great decorative platter!

    • Emily
      5 years ago -

      It’s the perfect white seamless backdrop ;) I thought the exact same thing about the resin, if only it didn’t mean that they were there forever, I’m too indecisive. The platter is from the Mercer collection from Crate & Barrel if you’re curious.

  • lana @ making a house a home
    5 years ago - Reply

    love the treasures! looks like you had a magical time :)

  • Sara {House Bella}
    5 years ago - Reply

    Beautiful finds Emily, I love the bright colors (and that tile! swoon!).

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