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For awhile now I’ve been meaning to assemble a list of links so you can check out the articles I’ve been writing for other publications. A few thousand new visitors still find their way to this blog every day, to which I say “hey dudes, I write a lot over on DIY Network which is why there are fewer and fewer posts here.” I’m still all kinds of busy in the blogosphere, I promise.

Busy as I was, I took a few months hiatus from writing late last year to regroup, focus on family and the holidays, and to give myself a chance to get excited about writing again. It worked. I’m rested and rejuvenated and was ready to dive back in right after New Years. Here are a handful of articles and galleries that you can check out:

For when you’re trying to keep the kids entertained:

How to host a painting party for a group of kids. This was lots of fun, and yes we actually hosted the party as a way to validate the concept and entertain our troops. We’re totally planning another shindig.

Kid-friendly stamps made using cut branches and things like brad nails and push pins.

Hosting an indoor movie night. (Daring varieties of popcorn, big screens, comfy seating.)

Easy appetizers (5 ingredients or less!). This was originally a football inspired post, but easy snacks are a must every weekend if you’re an entertaining household.

For when you’ve caught the spring cleaning bug:

If your tool area/shed/garage is a mess, I think you’ll find this post on garage organization pretty handy.

How to clean a fabric headboard. Because be honest – when there are 5,000 things that need to be cleaned in your home, the headboard is probably not high on your list. This is a cold + flu season must-read!

The best knife rack I ever made for $0 using a chunk of scrap 1×3, plus a lazy refrigerator and other ideas bundled as organizational tips for the kitchen.

Rainbow knifes in a DIY knife rack using a piece of scrap wood.

How to clean your coffee maker. Our Keurig was so gross.

Natural ways to keep pests out of your home.

Get those rolls of gift wrap, and stack of gift bags stored away. (One of two photo galleries I prepared for HGTV.)

For those eager to get your garden started:

Herbs, herbs, herbs. (I wore myself out on pesto this year, we just finished our last freezer baggie of it last week. I am officially ready to pause until we can make it fresh again mid-summer.)

Stone garden makers. Ours have held up great, BTW.

For those interested in remodeling and decorating:

How you too can have The Smartest Door On the Block.

What you actually need to consider if you want a gas fireplace. (I overviewed our experience upgrading to one right here, for related reads.)

I can’t even tell you how many frames I’ve made myself in the last few years. Here’s how you can make your own rustic picture frame.

Decorating using postcards (namely, using the awesome WPA-inspired National Park postcard series).

WPA-inspired postcards layered under glass as desktop decor.

10 uses for icicle lights after the holiday season! (Another HGTV gallery!)

When the weather is lame… yarn bomb all of the things.

For your kitchen makeover, when to hire out, and when to consider DIY.

Where to shop for table legs! A seriously good round-up that looks beyond some of the ordinary go-to shops.

And a few other posts that I think you’d like, and might want to pin/bookmark:

How to create a baby photo series. Several of you have asked me directly if I’m doing a photo series with Sam. I may not be monitoring the milestones as closely this time around, but have been diligent enough so far to snap our weekly photos! He was born on a Sunday, so I aim for every Sunday. Below are a few… August, October, January, February. The similar series I created for his sister was my most worthwhile effort of all time. (I even made it into a hand-bound book.)

How to make your own baby photo series.

YES, you can make your own coffee creamer. Go wild.

BIG GAME BINGO. Seriously, a good, free game of Bingo can turn any non-football fan into an enthusiast. Marketed to appeal during “the big game” but honestly, good for every single football game you’ll watch all season.

A DIY Swedish Torch. Chainsaw required, but man, does that make campfires easy.

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