Martha, My Dog

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Our newest BFF, companion girl, partner-in-crime, littlest sister arrived home earlier this month. Martha–named as a nod to our family’s infatuation with The Beatles and my insistence on using human names for pets–fell right into place. We were ready for her, with a brand new invisible fence and various toys because maybe this dog will like playing fetch? Verdict still out.

She’s a Bernedoodle (F1B, to be precise, which means her mom’s also a bernedoodle, and her dad’s a red standard poodle). 75% poodle, with a little of our favorite Bernese Mountain Goober mixed in. Great news: She doesn’t shed, and she likes our backyard deer friends just as much as her predecessor. :)

Martha: Bernedoodle in Rochester, NY @marthamydog

Cody would have loved her, and Martha certainly loves us. You’ll see her from time-to-time in our projects and frockling through the scenes on @merrypad, so give her a little boop and say hello. She has her own Instagram too (@marthamydog), just a place to journal her cute puppy self without cluttering other places. A side project, so to speak.

Hello, silly girl.

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