Art Attack

Picture frames positioned bottom-aligned in our master bedroom.

Dressers, Picture Frames, and Drywall Anxiety

I crunched some numbers and realized that it took me 237 weeks since moving in …

February 26, 2018 in Art Attack, Bedrooms, Decor, DIY
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Watercolor by mom. 2015.

Art Attack #6

My mom returned from a cruise earlier this year with a renewed interest in watercoloring, …

October 15, 2015 in Art Attack
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Wooden Bainbridge Frame with illustration by Magalie Le Huche for Djeco.

Art Attack #5

I bought a long, narrow puzzle awhile ago when my toddler was just a little …

March 26, 2015 in Art Attack, Decor
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Marimekko catalog, personalized.

Art Attack #4

I’ve spent enough time working in advertising and observing┬ábranding to really appreciate when a company …

January 07, 2015 in Art Attack, Decor, DIY
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Jaime Derringer/Julia art + classic black Nielsen frames

Art Attack #3

You guys are thrifty. You know as well as me that secondhand classic, clean-lined frames …

November 24, 2014 in Art Attack
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St. Monci Training Mission, Rochester, NY

Art Attack #2

A growing, permanent art collection is something that I’ve been aspiring to acquire over the …

September 09, 2014 in Art Attack
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Pixies concert poster by Kii Arens

Art Attack #1

Art is going to be a big thing in our new home, but it has …

March 25, 2014 in Art Attack
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