Unusual Outlet Covers

Unusual post on an unlikely topic, but maybe it’ll be of help to someone… especially …

December 06, 2010 in Bathroom, Decor
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DIY driftwood centerpiece

DIY Driftwood Centerpiece Featuring Sugru

Back when I was searching for my house, I was drawn to homes near bodies …

December 05, 2010 in Decor, DIY
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curly willow branches.

Curly Willows

There’s something to be said about using natural (and free) materials in design and decor, …

December 02, 2010 in Decor, DIY
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Touring an old barn.

Treasure Hunting In A Crumbling Barn

There’s a barn on my parent’s property in Western NY. While I was young, it …

November 28, 2010 in Backyard, Decor, Other Pads
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yellow leaf bouquet.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Leaf (sorry) it to a 4-year old to design a vibrant, fun centerpiece for Thanksgiving …

November 25, 2010 in Decor, Holiday-Related Projects
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IKEA cabinetry.

New walk-in-closet

The family I purchased my home from had three young children, therefore, both of the …

November 18, 2010 in Bedrooms, Closets, Decor
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