Merry Finds in 2010

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In 2011, I’ll resolve to frequently post things that gives me heart palpitations. To start somewhere, and give credit back to all sorts of things I’ve come across in the last year, here are 10 items I’ve seen, bought, or made, that just make me bubble and become all squirmy with excitement.

1. Initials. Those padded fabric letters you can find at Anthropologie (or, if luck’s on your side, second-hand shops)? I’ve bought 3 this year (one for me, two for J). So ornately patterned, such a subtle addition to a girl’s bedroom. I don’t even buy them in the interest of spelling things (like “eat” in the kitchen, or “dream” “love” “inspire” blah blah), I just dig initials (for some reason).

2. Wall hooks. I wish I had more belongings that need to be hung, because I have somehow amassed a sizable collection of hooks from all over the place. In the last year, my keys found a home on a small bird hook, and the calendar hangs gracefully on an owl hook (not shown, but purple and die-cut and cute).

Chirp. Urban Outfitters Bird Hook.

3. Built-in shelves. I imagine having a house (someday) that has more built-in shelves than I know what to do with. I love what lots of designers do when they build the shelves from floor to ceiling, around doorways and windows, and love the opportunity it brings to displaying (tasteful) collections (in my case, as many books as I can salvage from garage sales, candles, and plants [see obsession #4]. I made some of my own built-in’s this year (which is why I have this collection of inspirational shelving tear sheets), but those were baby steps compared to what I’d like to eventually do.

4. Thank god for IKEA, it’s allowed me to expand my collection of affordable ceramic and porcelain planters. I love my houseplants, and I’ve inherited probably a bazillion clay pots from my Dad, but there’s something wonderful about enclosing those clay pots in pristine, white houses. I’ve bought all sizes, with a variety of designs, and I still ask for more whenever I know someone’s going to the store (Sure wish they’d build an IKEA in Western NY – the closest locations are over the border in Ontario, Canada).

Shown: White IKEA ceramic pots on my kitchen island. I also have larger, smaller, and taller ones. Really, I have a lot of them.

5. Trunks. The trunk in the Jeep (also bought this year) is ideal for carrying the dog and lumber, but what I really was referring to were the storage trunks in my house. I only have two right now (for blanket and seasonal clothing storage), but aspire for more, and have to talk myself out of buying every one I see. One’s in my bedroom, and I’m told that it came over from Poland with mom’s ancestors (wouldn’t be surprised if that was a lie though). The other was a garage sale find, and has found a home as the coffee table in my living room – it’s hardwood with a big, flat top, and I didn’t mean to keep it in its current location, but it’s workin’ for me.

Antique trunk in my bedroom. This was in my parent's attic for ages.

6. Words With Friends. Best. App. Ever. (Except the dictionary is questionable.) I have about 15 games going simultaneously, keeping my brain stimulated and challenged.

Words with Pete. (Displayed on iPhone 4 with fabulous retina display, whoop!)

7. Fish’s Eddy. I’m ever so especially happy that I stumbled upon the flagship store in NYC this summer, since I’ve been an online stalker for a few years now. While all of their themes are amazing, my heart raced seeing the polka-dotted collection in person, and I’m sure some day when I own the full set (oh, please go on clearance) it will be my incentive to eat-in more often. Drool, and yum. <3

8. Zinnias. Started from seed back in March, my house was filled with fresh-cut blossoms all summer. And, they’re HARDY – they blossomed from June right up until the first frost in October, and grew to be at least 4-ft in height. When I removed them from the ground, I found that the base of each plant was the same thickness of my thumb!

Love the rich colors and long-lasting petals (bright pink was my fave).

9. Tiny copper treasure boxes. They were originally priced at over $60 each at Anthropologie, but I found them in clearance area for $6 each (score!). They’re perfect for concealing makeup and cotton balls in the bathroom. I really love that clearance section. I regret not buying 10.

Copper container from Anthropologie. It's about 5" wide and 4" tall.

10. Purple dog toy. OK, this isn’t my obsession, it’s Cody’s, but I REALLY hope that other dog-owners give this a try – it was a wonderful gift that I’m not sure I ever would have encountered otherwise. It’s a treat dispenser, where the pet has to learn to maneuver the rope and shake the container to release snacks. Cody liked it so much, that I began using it as the sole way to feed him his breakfast and dinner. It helps slow down his food intake too, improving digestion, while providing him a half-hour of “exercise” and fun at each meal.

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