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Lumber loaded in. 8-footers are the only boards that can fit in and still let the Jeep gate close. It’s rarely predicted to be 45 degrees around New Year’s. Warm weather, AND over a long weekend. And, I need (need, need, need) to do some construction outdoors. 2011 is going to go in my favor.

In preparation for my siding redo last November, I found someone from Craigslist to was willing to come remove the old porch off the front of my house. It had to be removed in order for the siding crew to properly insulate and install along the front of the house, but I also had a major hankering to update the porch with a smaller and sleeker staircase, which is exactly why it was OK for the old porch to be gone forever.

I had quoted a few different options: new concrete stairs (which were expensive, and I knew would crumble over time), preform concrete stairs (hollow underneath and less likely to crumble, but still required a 48″-deep foundation to support the steps… read, expensive), and finally, a new wooden staircase with modest landing. Since (based on title) this is a post on lumber-hauling, you probably know I decided to build a new wooden porch.

I did luck out a little bit, because the posts that were in the ground from the old deck were left unharmed and are solid as can be – this project will really be as easy as building a new landing and steps to the ground. I took careful measurements this morning, figuring out what boards it made sense to get. I try and buy economically when possible, as in, I’ll buy 2 12-foot-long boards instead of 4 6-ft long boards, so that’s why there are so many long boards in the car photo above. My drawings aren’t overly technical, as you may have noticed in the sketches from when I was building my deck, but they get the job done. Home Depot employees acted very surprised that anyone was buying pressure-treated lumber in December…¬†apparently¬†I’m the only one… who knew.

Sketch of the porch, list of what to buy, and materials accumulating in the background.

Here’s what I came home with:

  • (3) 3-step stringers
  • (2) 12-ft 2×6 boards for girders and joists
  • (4) 10-ft 1×5/4″ boards for the flooring
  • (8) 2×6 joist hangers
  • (3) 8-ft 4×4 boards (to cut in half for the railing posts)
  • (1) box of galvanized nails (just in case I run out)
  • (1) box of deck screws (just in case I run out)
  • (6) post holders (for the railing posts)

And sometime over the weekend I’ll be back to buy railing material and steps – I need a second opinion from Pete before I purchase.

Stay tuned for more action.


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