You Got 40 Free Pavers? You Got A Mini-Patio.

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Making an entryway to our barn using cement pavers.

I found ~40 rectangular concrete pavers curbed by someone in our neighborhood recently; is it a law of nature that you’re not allowed to pass by freebies like that? The hoarder in me who struggled to find in-stock Home Depot cinder blocks during college with which to loft the XL twin still insists that things like that still possess great value. Gimme all of the cinder blocks.

They’re heavy to transport and stack, and they made the trunk of the Jeep look as though I was hauling 10 adult men, but if you have a way to move them and the space to store them, cinder blocks and 24″x12″ pavers like these are nice products to have on for the super un-sexy projects. Examples? When you need to weight down that tarp covering your firewood. Or raise bins a few inches off the ground in a wet basement. Keep your boat from rolling down the driveway. For when you want to create a landing pad for rainwater that pours off the angled roof of your treehouse (possibly unique to us), and also, when you want to make a 30-minute patio. We had a serious excess of concrete blocks after this recent haul, so we extended our barn entryway by a few feet in all directions to create more of a landing/standing pad. Also, there’s no gutter on the roofline, so the rainwater has been gouging a channel in the soil; this should help divert the water from the foundation. The barn itself also needs a lot of work if you couldn’t tell–adding free pavers to the doorway doesn’t even fit the lipstick-on-a-pig analogy–but other repairs can happen in due time.

And as a not-so-subtle nod to another project I did recently for DIY Network, the peroxide/dish soap stain remover spray completely removed all evidence of dirt play from Hattie’s filthy shorts. Fist bumps.


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