Shucks, Sweet Dog Drawer Pulls

February 10, 2011   //  Posted in: Decor, Dog-Related, Living Room   //  By: Emily   //  4 responses

A quick trip to Anthropologie to return the duvet cover that just didn’t work out yielded a few fantastic finds. If you haven’t caught on, I sort of love dogs, so these drawer pulls pulled me in. Har, har. OK, I’m officially lame.

Dog drawer pulls from Anthropologie.

Anyways, dog fan. Yes. And I’m a total sucker for that $2.95 clearance bin of drawer pulls, and regardless of where it’s hidden in Anthropologie, my inherent sale-fiendishness helps me find it (it’s usually hidden on the bottom shelf of the spinny knob racks, or in a hodge-podge bin in the back corner of the store). So, my collection is growing and growing, although I more often than not, I haven’t actually installed them to furniture (yet). Today, I’ll change that, by giving these dog knobs an opportunity to shine. I swapped out the mod brushed nickel pulls from the TV table in the living room, and think the dogs are pretty damn cute here.

Dog drawer pulls installed on the TV stand.

Previous to this, I also tried swapping out with these purple ceramic knobs, but they didn’t make the permanent cut. Surely I’ll find a use for them somewhere else.

Tried these ceramic purple flower pulls not too long ago. Now I'm saving them for a future project.

And, one more thing – I picked up and started to peruse Tim Flach’s Dogs Gods photography book which was displayed in the store. It is incredible. And I wish it to be my next coffee table book. It’s a dog and photography fanatic must-have.

  • Shannon
    8 years ago - Reply

    I love love little knobs and hooks, I especially love them from anthropologie, I just hate how expensive they are. Great choice on your knobs!

    • Emily
      8 years ago -

      Oh geez, don’t get me started on the HOOKS I’ve found at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters! I’ve gotten lucky and bought most, if not all, on sale… so much more affordable… and justifiable when they’re <$5. Thanks for visiting Shannon!

  • eric at my first garage
    8 years ago - Reply

    If I ever saw a Westie anything, consider it bought!

    • Emily
      8 years ago -

      Cute, isn’t it?

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