Should Have Studied Dog Psychology…

February 11, 2011   //  Posted in: Backyard, Dog-Related   //  By: Emily   //  4 responses

Today’s bonus post is also my first post with some video action. And not directly a home-improvement-decor post, except that the video at the end takes place on the deck, which I did design myself (pat on back). Friends and coworkers tell me about how they’re busy making their snowy backyards more accommodating for man’s best friend by shoveling trails for daily business, training their dogs to wear booties, and even buying snowsuits like this one (yes, that’s Lesley’s snowsuited-up dog Hudson, complete with a hood):

Hudson, cozy in his hooded snowsuit.

Not for Cody. He craves the snow and ice. He goes insane in it. He eats it. He’ll even sleep in it, giving me sad puppy dog eyes when I encourage him to come back inside. And I suppose I wouldn’t expect him to hate it… he is a Bernese Mountain Dog after all, a breed originally bred for guarding and guiding herds in the blustery Swiss Alps (I’ve also read that they’re also a fun alternative to rides at children’s birthday parties, and while he probably would reject a hood, he has been known to carry a towel on his back like a saddle blanket).

I love dogs that love the snow.

And what you’re about to see is something that Cody does this every snowy day. And every day when he sees me watching him, he ceases. But I caught him. I caught him this time. And the video really went on for 5 minutes, but for giggles, here’s a shorter clip of his daily activity.

Keep warm this weekend. Love, E + Cody.

  • Sharon
    8 years ago - Reply

    What a joy! It makes me happy by just watching him, thanks for sharing.

    • Emily
      8 years ago -

      I’m glad you liked! Thanks for visiting the site!

  • Rachel
    7 years ago - Reply

    Adorable! I can almost here is thoughts in my head, “Ahhhhh love it love it love it- hope no one is watching- love it love it love it ahhhh…”

    • Emily
      7 years ago -

      It’s amazing how human-like they can be; he loooves a good stretch.

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