A New Frame (With Fresh-Cut Glass)

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A ceramic frame from Anthropologie. Dogs! Another dog + home decor-related goodie to share with you guys. I found this picture frame in Anthropologie on the same day I discovered those cute dog drawer pulls. The frame, which measures 8×12 in overall size had shattered glass and was left in the dust at the bottom of the clearance bin, poor thing. It’s a hefty ceramic material with a pretty white matte finish and delicately raised dog pattern. Marked down to $9.99, a generous 42% off the retail price tag, I just had to have it, broken glass aside.

This is exactly why I hoard as many left-behind, discarded, way-cheapo picture frames as I can get my hands on. Even if they aren’t my taste and never make it to the mantle, it’s the glass that matters; nice to always have extra panes of glass on hand.

My fellow cheapskates: Go to the local rummage sales when they’re selling “as much as you can fit in this bag for $5” and load it with the remaining frames. There always seem to be 5,000 leftovers, usually unattractive. Sometimes you can even get a good photo mat also (that’s just icing on the cake).

I spent a few dollars on a glass cutter when I made that crafty little terrarium, and found another reason to use it when I needed to custom cut some new glass for the dog frame. The pane was inconveniently larger than any of the pieces of 5×7 glass I had in my stash, so I trimmed down an extra piece of 8×12 to make it work.

Measuring out new glass to be trimmed to size for the new frame.

Perfect cut, perfect fit. Tested it out with a photo of Cody for show only; I’ll have to have a new print made to fit into this frame.

Cody in the frame. Will have to get a larger print to fit.

Handsome devil.

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