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Friends! We’re back from our week-long Azoresmoon!┬áIt was just about as fantastic as you might imagine, the Atlantic Ocean’s own Hawaii, a genuinely beautiful and natural place. We’ll be sorting through pictures, videos, and treasures over the next few days (we had 5 devices with us including Pete’s new GoPro, and took who-knows-how-many pictures) so hopefully we’ll have something to share with you next week.

We recruited family to stay at our home while we vacationed (you know, basic security, unload the dishwasher, spoil Cody) and my latest project for DIY Network aligned nicely with their recent visit. Most of the time I’m focused on home betterment and safety, but car betterment isn’t something to be overlooked, and customizing my Dad’s main squeeze Lola the Corolla was next on my to-do list (did I just name my Dad’s car? I might have). In today’s post on DIY Network, meet Gordon, and follow my simple steps to make your own DIY pet car hammock.

Get ready, Gordon, you're in for a comfy ride.

P.S. While I was out, a post on basement optimization was shared over on DIY Network. Check it out here!

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