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This whole “cat thing” is a reoccurring topic, re-sparked with regularity because often visit an animal shelter that works out of a local mall. In any case, it’s been a long time since I’ve co-existed with a cat. They’re all so cute, especially the chill, mature cats who just want to hang out on the windowsill or in your lap all day, claws retracted, eyes not so full of rage (and I’m not talkin’ kittens because,¬†hello, evil). Sounds nice, right? I think I’m almost ready for it.

I’ve been known to try my hand at a pet-related DIY project or two (this car dog hammock project was even featured on Lifehacker!) and I know when the time comes, we’ll be building our own cat condo and give the little guy some swag. And a place high enough to escape a certain curious dog face.

Pete’s BFF built one, and in today’s post on DIY Network I’m showing it off in hopes of giving you some inspiration for a swell springtime project (that also gives your favorite cat an appropriate place to scratch that isn’t the arm of your new couch, I cringe).

How to build a DIY Cat Tower/Condo/Tree

P.S. Late last week, I got down to prepping our garden for springtime loving. Refresh yourself with the joy of DIY raised garden beds in this post on DIY Network.

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