Moto Art Recovery

October 08, 2012   //  Posted in: Decor, DIY, Kitchen   //  By: Emily   //  2 responses

Cody ate our brand new Kaye Rachelle towel, cue the dramatic whomp-whomp-whomp.

It had only gone through the laundry once, and had only been photographed in this post relating to our newly stained kitchen cabinets. The towel was one of those super-excited-to-have new items that we used in the kitchen, but only with great precaution so as not to dye it permanently wiping up something like spaghetti sauce or spilled coffee. I know that only used it to dry my previously soaped and washed hands, and I’m willing to guess that Pete probably never even touched it out of fear. White towels aren’t exactly practical.

Cody spends time in the basement while we’re away from home; it’s a safe place for him to nap coolly on warm days, and for the most part he’s harmless down there, but once in awhile we come home to a destroyed roll of toilet paper or half a sock. It’s not good dog behavior, but it rarely happens, and this towel happened to be on top of the laundry basket right in the line of attack. If there’s anything else to be said about his behavior, it’s that he’s always remorseful, and this time he wouldn’t look me in the eye for hours.

One damaged towel, one remorseful dog.

I spent all of 15 minutes mourning our loss before moving onto a new plan of framing the remnants. The rips were along the edge for the most part, barely damaging the actual print itself, so I salvaged what I could and fit it into an IKEA Ribba Frame (without a mat). I lined the back of the towel with a piece of white art paper to lessen the visibility of a new small holes and a torn corner, but didn’t trim the towel to size for this specific frame, instead, I pinched the extra fabric around the edges like a the frame was an embroidery circle. If you were to look behind it you’d see white fabric popping out around all edges, but hung on the wall it’s completely clean-lined.

Old towel, new artwork.

If things hadn’t gone this way, we might still be trying to carefully make use of it as a towel, but I actually think I like it more as a framed print, and we can certainly still enjoy it for what it is hung on a previously unadorned wall of our kitchen.

One day an innocent towel, another day, perfect artwork.

Salvage and upgrade anything for yourself over the weekend? 


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