Capture the End of Summer with 8 Beachy Decor Projects

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This post was originally published on DIY Network’s blog Made + Remade in September 2015.

Whether you’re looking to bring coastal inspired design into your home or just clinging to the last bits of your summertime vacations, it’s easy to bring memories from your summer spent at the beach into the home. Get creative with everything from sand, to driftwood, to shells and beach glass, and make beautiful things to commemorate your family trips!

Display samples of sand

I’ve taken to collecting a small baggie of sand from each beach at which we vacation, and capture it in a little glass test tube. The test tubes were a dime a dozen (quite literally – spectacular estate sale find), and the test tube rack was one I bought from Amazon. The racks come in lots of fun colors, and I like how it works to display the growing sand collection.

Sand samples displayed to commemorate beach travels.

Showcase your beach treasures in a forever glass

Use glass etching cream and ABC stickers to customize a vase or a jar in which to display your shells and rocks from vacation. Take lots of vacations? Buy a whole bunch of canisters, and use more detail when you etch in the words; for example, “Bethany Beach, Delaware,” or “Key West, 2015.”

Etched glass to display beach shell collection.

Create a collection of sea glass

Display your beach glass pieces – small or large – in a glass jar or narrow glass vase. Sit them in a window where sunlight can stream through the colors, and enjoy indefinitely.

Sorting the beach glass into a vase by color.

Use found shells to create shadowbox art

Get creative by assembling your shells into a shadow box that has a depth of 1-2″, and your memories will be framed for easy wall display.

Shadowbox picture frame with shells.

Upcycle collected stones into a picture frame

I cut several pieces of shale from a beach vacation into strips, and then assembled them with mortar to create a 5×7 stone picture frame.

Beachy decor - Make a stone picture frame.

Use collected driftwood to create a wreath

Make a driftwood wreath using lightweight, weathered pieces of beach wood. Glue them to a wooden base, and display them on your front door, or on an interior wall of your home.

DIY driftwood wreath

Add hooks to a long piece of driftwood for jewelry organization

I don’t even know if TSA would let you carry home a piece of driftwood this big, but if you have beach access, make one of these pretty hooks for your home. Use enamel spray paint to add a dose of heavy-duty color to the metal hooks, and attach them to a beautiful piece of wood to transform it into a piece you want to hang in a prominent location.

Driftwood Decor - DIY wall hook.

Or cut driftwood into pieces, and make magnets

Cut smaller pieces of driftwood into 1″ pieces with a chop saw, and use a paddle bit to bore out a place for magnets to sit. Use strong adhesive to secure the magnet in place, and use them on your fridge forever (mine have held up for years and years!)

Driftwood Decor - DIY Magnets.

Other crafty ways to display the treasures you brought home from your beach vacation?

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